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The Benin English Clubs Summit

The BECS is the biggest event ever organized by BNTEA since the creation of the association in 2011. Initiated and fully funded by the US Embassy in Benin, the BECS is implemented by the Benin National Teachers of English Association (BNTEA) in partnership with an experienced English club in the country. The event aims at “empowering leaders of English clubs to impact the development of their communities”. They are trained on various topics including leadership, fundraising, engaging club activities, service learning, technology (online resources and social media), etc.  The speakers and facilitators of the event are both nationals and foreigners.

The first edition in January 2018 at University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin was a success. The overall organization was amazing, and the RELO from Dakar, Senegal, Mr Eran Williams, was particularly impressed by the punctuality of the organizers. A few months later, we witnessed an increase in the creation of new English clubs in remote areas and the revival of the existing ones. The participants developed new skills and became very good at the use of technology for their English teaching or learning activities. One important achievement is the creation by a participant, Mr Satingo Elie Migan, of a WhatsApp group in which hundreds of English teachers from Benin and Africa hold virtual workshops and share valuable teaching practices and resources. This positive outcome earned BNTEA a new grant for the second edition which will take place from January 17-19, 2019 at University of Parakou.