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Dassa-Zoumé, Collines, Benin Map

Thanks to the financial and technical support of the US Government, the Benin National Teachers of English Association (BNTEA) will hold its third (3rd) edition of the Benin English Clubs Summit (BECS) from February 26 to 28, 2020 in Dassa-Zoume, Benin. BECS is the biggest English clubs event in West-Africa and aims at building the capacities of leaders of English clubs to impact the development of their communities. For three (03) days, one hundred and fifty (150) leaders of English clubs will be trained mainly on leadership, effective English clubs activities, service learning and civic engagement by qualified Beninese, African, American and European facilitators. Unlike the two previous editions, BECS 2020 also includes an English clubs competition involving about fifty (50) secondary school students from the twelve (12) departments of Benin.