Since the opening of membership in June 2018 based on the current policies, at least fifty (50) teachers have joined BNTEA as new members across Benin and have received their membership card.

This recruitment of new members has enabled BNTEA to plan the opening of new branches in a few municipalities.

The aim is to have BNTEA branches in all the 77 municipalities of Benin.

The main role of branches is to assess the needs of English teachers and English clubs in their communities and schools.

Those needs will then be integrated in BNTEA’s national strategic action plan. While BNTEA raises funds to implement the national strategic action plan, branches organize and run projects in their communities and schools based on the assessed needs.

The needs include capacity building, materials and equipment. The running of projects at community will enable teachers involved to growth in leadership and management. However, all the branches have the same organization chart as the national board.