BNTEA Leadership Day 2018

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The 2018 edition of Bntea Leadership Day will take place on June 15, 2018 at Obama Center, University of Abomey-Calavi, and will involve only the national governing and controlling boards. The topic this year is “Good Financial Governance for English Teacher Associations”. The activities of this 1st edition include a 4-hour workshop for BNTEA board members and an Award Ceremony.
The workshop will cover three topics:

  •   Fundraising strategies for ETAs by a fundraising specialist
  •   Budgeting, bookkeeping and financial reporting for nonprofits by a certified public accountant
  •   The benefit for nonprofit organizations to report to the tax administration by a Benin Tax Administration agent.

The Award Ceremony will include a certificate award to the participants of the workshop and an Excellence in Leadership Award Award to Dr. Flavien Lanmantchion, former President of BNTEA. Some key partners (U.S Embassy, TEC, and personalities will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony.

The Bntea Leadership Day has been established to promote good leadership, good governance and compliance with democratic values within the organization. The celebration of the day every year includes capacity building of members of BNTEA national and branch boards and awarding outstanding BNTEA leaders (former and/or current).

  1. Capacity building of members of the national and branch boards
    The good functioning and the sustainability of BNTEA and its branches depend greatly on the quality of its leaders. In order to have the quality of leaders that BNTEA needs to grow, it is very important to build the capacities the executive members in areas related to leadership, good governance and democracy.
  2. Excellence in Leadership Award
    The Excellence in Leadership Award aims first at recognizing excellence in leadership of some BNTEA (former and/or current) leaders involving BNTEA’s growth, the improvement of ELT in Benin and the promotion of the English language, and secondly at building a body of experienced resource persons (former executives) that the association can lean on to overcome some challenges.
    The nomination of the ELA recipient(s) will be based on the following criteria:

    •   The leader has worked within the scope of BNTEA’s Vision, Mission and Values
    •   The leader has demonstrated an outstanding management of financial, material and financial resources
    •   The leader has demonstrated compliance with leadership, governance and democratic principles
    •   The leader demonstrated outstanding innovation in BNTEA activities.