Our partners

Through affiliation and national events, BNTEA has developed a strong partnership with a wide range of national and international institutions.
US Embassy Benin
The partnership with the US Embassy dates to 2010. The Embassy contributed significantly to the creation and sustainability of BNTEA through capacity building programs and grants. Thousands of US dollars have been invested in the support to BNTEA activities. This institutional, technical and financial contribution makes the Embassy the top partner of BNTEA.
Benin Government
The Government provides an institutional support to BNTEA’s activities all over Benin.
British Council
The British Council contributes to BNTEA’s participation in many regional and international English Teachers Associations’ events.
TESOL International
BNTEA is an Affiliate of TESOL International
BNTEA is an Affiliate of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and member of the Global Issues Group.
Africa TESOL
BNTEA is an Affiliate of Africa TESOL